The Wine Price Index is a list of FineWines and their auction prices on ebay. All information in WineCollects WPI Wine Price Index was carefully investigated and controlled. Highest and Lowest Prices are taken from ebay ended auction sales since 2003. Current prices are shown separately since 09/2008. Current Prices are only changed if the latest price achieved has changed more than 15%! Many wines are not shown in the WPI. Since I watch only German and some other European eBay market places, many regional wines - even if they are among the best - could not be recorded in my data bank for various reasons.

  1. If a wine that is known as collectible or icon wine is sold very seldom to get enough information throughout the years.
  2. Wines that are not sold worldwide (except Austrian wines which are from my homecountry)
  3. Great and rare wines that do not have enough tradition to compare different vintages (e.g. top rated wine Termanthia)
  4. Wines that are not sold at ebay Germany or ebay Austria.

All prices in the WPI are Euro-Prices concerning only the wine sold in auction without any additional charges like eBay fees, packing material, shipment or postage fees.

In the WPI you will find wines of the following countries :

  • Australia
  • Chile
  • France
  • Italy
  • Austria
  • Portugal (Vintage Port)
  • Spain
  • U.S.A.
  • Lebanon (Chateau Musar)

All information was carefully investigated and each achieved wineprice controlled after the end of auction. Many subscribers of the WPI provide me with prices that are often much higher or lower than the price in my data base. The reason is very simple. Selling at eBay needs a Listing Title that is quite short. Details about the product to be sold can be found in the Item Description. Thus it is quite common to read "Mouton Rothschild 2000 - 97/100 Parker" but in the item history you might read ".. your bid is for an empty bottle of Mouton Rothschild 2000 which received 97 Parker Points in his tastings ..". A price of about $150.- (appr. € 120,00) is paid for such a decoration. A full bottle of this unique fine wine costs more than 4 times as much. I hope such empty bottles will not be refilled, as many merchants suspect. Another example of letters I receive is that a wine has been seen sold for twice or three times as much as shown in the Wine Price Index. After some closer look and accurate investigation I found out that the highest bid was for 3 bottles of that certain wine. I do not investigate or record private data of buyers/sellers or whether the payment was completed or not. Lots of times the item description is being changed during auctions because sellers are informed about mistakes or wrong pictures in their item history. All this should not be part of a Wine Price Index. But all prices shown in the WPI are prices that can be verified by eBay. Of course I cannot examine bids on someones own items. This is forbidden but still is done until eBay breaks off the membership of such sellers. All prices reflect the wine-value at time of auction but the author is not responsible if users of the WPI pay too high or too low prices for wines shown in the WPI. The user/buyer/seller accepts the above also when subscribing to WPI Data Bank.


Your subscription provides 12 months (1 year) of online access to all data of the Wine Price Index (WPI). Your subscription will automatically expire after 12 months unless you renew your subscription. The information provided by is protected by copyright and is the property of Werner Feldner and The use of the WPI is limited to you alone. It may not be shared, sold, printed or used commercially at any time without permission (via letter, email or Fax) of the author.

NO GUARANTEE for completeness, writing mistakes or similar! However all information is completely revised and controlled.

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